News February 2018

Kingdom Work in Pammeru,Krishna District

We had an amazing start of the month.We drove a round trip of almost 10 hours to a town called Pammeru.We w

ent for three days… it was such a difficult journey on a motorbike.At night it was freezing cold and the mist was thick making visibility very poor. To add to our troubles, the roads had many pot holes.We were cold and tired at night…but each night we reached out to different areas with the Gospel of Jesus.

We had revival meetings at three different Churches. The people in these areas observe strictly Hindu religious practices.When we entered the village on the first night we approached a Hindu woman to ask for direction to the Church. She willingly told us that the Christians are not in this area, we would find them in the slums of the low caste areas. (India is ruled by a rigid caste system which discriminates against people of various economic and religious backgrounds among other things). She didn’t want to discuss anything further. We thanked her but we were saddened by her ignorance – she didn’t know that where Christians live, the presence of God is there. It can never be a low caste where people of the Kingdom of God are.

On the first night we had a great revival as everyone just broke down in tears













and repentance– everywhere we went; the messages were received open heartily.The people were so hungry to learn about KingJesus.The next day we had an opportunity to speak to some Christian

leaders. There were around 20 pastors.They were every interested to listen and learn – even the host pastor interacted with us later saying “pastors normally fall asleep during teaching; but today everyone was really interested and was blessed by learning more about how to build the Kingdom of God”.It was good to encourage them in the way that Father intended them to go. Many times they serve man-made systems instead of doing things the way Jesus taught us.Amazingly they are sincere. They are very poor pastors and very humble.Humble people are always open to learn though.Some of them are still going by bicycle to go from one place to the next while others hardly have suitable clothes. The poverty here is very real indeed.

We are looking forward to a three-day training program next time we go there. We want to equip pastors and young evangelists.Many areas in India the pastors want to do ministry by themselves. They do not involve their congregants to participate in anything.My  purpose is to change this  and teach them  something that Jesus encouraged His disciples to do… effective discipleship. Even though I spoke openly to the pastors; my heart moved with compassion for them. I realized once again in my heart that in many places in India where I have been, the Church is not really doing things His way.Afterward our work with the Pastors, we ate food and gave each pastor a small gift of a 100 Rupee for their travel expenses. They were very blessed indeed.

A Woman Set Free in Pammeru!

A woman came to me for prayer.We later found out that she was a Christian at some stage but stopped following Jesus at some point. She was hardly attending Church. We were not going to let her fall through the cracks – we always teach leaders that we must go after that one lost sheep.It is one of the many things we are teaching pastors about discipleship and small groups. One pastor cannot run all over for the lost sheep though – they need to learn to get the entire congregation involved to reach the lost.

The lady came to us for prayers and not knowing anything about her I laid my hands on her and prayed for her.She suddenly  started shouting for Jesus and she collapsed.She later testified that when I laid my hands on her head, a great bright-light came and touched her. Because of this encounter she dedicated herself to run the race for God without any fail…Amazing God.In India, you just have to walk out of your front door to find broken people.Demon possession and oppression is a very real thing in India. When a large part of the country worships close to 30 million gods and goddesses you will understand why. Here we are in the frontlines of some of the most difficult work in the world, many people in the West know homes and Church as clean places with electricity and clean running water – in India it is a blessing if you are able to have that. But God is so great and He is the one who helps us set the captives free.

Revival in Pammeru!


That evening we had another revival meeting in another village.The fellowship was so awesome.People were set free healed delivered and refreshed.We were coming to the end of our stay there… by the third day we were very tired.

After eating some breakfast on the third morning we went and had a short rest…and here the sweetest thing ever, happened to me…As I was laying down, an old widow (we call her Amma which means mom) of 80 years approached me; she is the co-founder of the Church where we were hosting the revival meetings.Amma came with a small bottle of lotion rubbed it on my tired feet, hands, arms and legs.

As strange as this may sound to you; for us it shows an attitude of heart that is different than anything I have seen among people in India. Like Jesus who washed the disiciples feet, so too this lady ministered to me in my weariness. I was shocked and tearfully full of joy…all at the same time.No one in India has shown me so much love in my 8 years of mission work.

Amma became like a spiritual mother to me while in Pammeru and every day she let me know through her grandson,that she is praying for me. For a missionary, prayer is a support that money could never buy.

That night we left Pammeru with sadness but yet so much joy.I understood how Paul felt everytime he had to leave behind the precious Churches that he loved so dearly.

Back home in Chirala ,Prakasam District

We continue to reach out every night.We have started forty days of prayer and fasting at our Church that my husband Raj and I started.Everynight the people will gather; tired from a hard days labour in the fields or from taking care of the cattle.Still they faithfully gather ever night.We continue to teach them and instruct them in the way to go; encouraging them to be hungry for God’s presence in their lives.Teaching them to pray for others and sharing the Gospel; teaching them how to rule with Christ in their lives.We believe God is doing great things in them.


My Birthday Wish!

It was my birthday on the 18 February 2018.Nothing out of the ordinary.I have decided to increase the Kingdom on my birthday by giving gifts to others.I didn’t have much but I was able to give living bread in the form of three audio Bibles to three of the ladies.The ladies were filled with joy as they are unable to read. I was sad for the others that didn’t receive anything.

I promised as soon as God provides. I will order more audio Bibles for those who cannot read. The audio bible costs around 70 US Dollars each but God has opened an amazing door and we can get them now for half the price from Bangalore, another city about 7 hours away.

Please continue to pray that everyone will be able to have an audio Bible in our church and in the surrounding villages.

We Have Some Serious Prayer Needs!

  • Pray for those who still need to take baptism.Many are willing but they have many fears because of Hinduism.It is not easy to be baptized. For women it may mean physical and verbal abuse from their husbands; for Children the stigma of Baptism prevents them from getting married as they get older; and if they do get married many are rejected by their extended familyin-law. Furthermore Children won’t get free education.As soon as you take Baptism your caste changes to a lower caste and you become an outcast. So understandably there are a lot of insecurities among them.
  • One of the ladies who got baptized is facing much trouble as she has removed her Bindi (Red dot on the forehead – There is information available from COLOURS OF DAY MINISTRY concerning the deep meaning of the Bindi). This is a big step taken by the lady but at a great cost. She like so many other Baptized Christians are fruit, vegetable and nut sellers. Hindu’s refuse to buy from them if they don’t have their Bindi on.It’s a daily struggle…We continue to teach the women about being a follower of Christ. It is a challenge but they pick up their crossesdaily to follow Jesus.
  • Continue to pray for our Church.
  • Pray for our tribal outreach at the end of this month.(Click to read more about this)
  • Pray for missionaries who are coming to India from South Africa in June.Pray for a crusade in June.
  • Pray for audio Bibles.
  • Pray for our health….and most importantly our spiritual life.
  • Pray for persecution in India to cease.(Persecutions see this video)
  • Pray for the Gospel to excel.
  • Pray for the government of India.
  • Pray for us that we may at all time give proper guidance and discipleship training.