our place of gathering

The church on the highway

This our our place of gathering.Many years ago Raj together with a missionary from America and one of the believers started this church in the middle of the night.There were only one family who believed in this village .It was only thick bushes next to the main road.They cleaned the place by using axes .Very daring as this places has many snakes.

The next morning when the villagers woke up there was a hut erected. The gathering place was all set. Raj family later managed to get funds to build a building.The roof was a thatch roof at first.Later it was changed as many snakes was there and the roof collapsed.Today its a nice little building.Nothing fancy but more then enough.

The village elders were very angry way back ..and after years they are still angry.Last year they said that they want to bring a bulldozer to throw this church down in the night.It made the believers very unsettles and full of fear.Believers are always under the threat of the village elders.Who makes them fear with beatings and witchcraft.They even told the believers that they will throw the pastor in jail.The threats are mainly because they know that government will not do anything if they should throw it down.The government is anti Jesus and they take advantage of this very fact.The village believers are very innocent people….We working to work on their faith to be strengthen daily.

The gathering place is opposite the village and on a high way that takes people to the beach area.Many people pass their daily as its a business route because of fishing.

The beach is also a place of worship for Hindus.So many people pass everyday.We have found many times that people are there praying outside in front of the door.Passersby who comes from other towns and cities to worship at the beach….They stop there do some worship or prayers have their meals and then go again.The couple who was recently baptized are some of those people who came to pray at the church even when they were Hindus at the time.

We found people in the night sitting before the door crying praying as they seek God .Well we believe that God presence is there.We should never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit.We might never even know what God have done in passersbys lives….

The place is a sanctuary on this little high way….

Unfortunately its build on government property.So government have allowed this church there temorary only.Now that times is expiring.They are busy extending the roads and the church building will have to come down.Works on the road have already started.

We are asking God to provide another place.There are land available just opposite the church building at the enterence of the village.We can easily get to buy this through the villagers….

We ask for your prayers and assistance.If you can help us or know about any organization or church who is willing to assist us.

We appreciate it.


Colours of Day is all about increasing the Kingdom of Light and pushing back the darkness...,by the great commision through the Holy Spirit.

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