The Story of Sunil

Sunil in 2015.Drunk hopeless depress and suicidal.

In 2015 when my sister friend and co-missionary Suretha, came to work with me in India we went on many outreaches; so many that it is impossible to remember everyone we have met.

About three weeks ago a young man known as Sunil phoned Raj; he said he was looking for a South African sister whose name is “Louise”. (Me and Raj both surprised as Raj translates)Sunil said he met me on a bus in 2015 and that Louise gave him a note with our names, numbers and Church name… and a small sentence which said “Jesus loves you”.

The call from Sunil came was such a surprise to me that it took some time to recall how and when I met him… I really wasn’t sure. At one point I started to remember him when he said me and another sister were together. It can only be Suretha.

The note.

Sunil proceeded to tell me that he got saved and Jesus is now Lord of his life. We are so glad and filled with joy. He said he would like to meet me and thank me for praying for him that day. I was still in shock, but gladly invited him to come and visit our Church as he lives 2 hours away from us. Amazingly, Sunil recently came to visit and I was glad to remember the incident of our meeting. Sunil reminded me how he met us while it was late at night on a bus. He was drunk and  rude. Sunil said “as I got on the bus you made room for me to sit down”. Now this is interesting – normally, a woman should never allow a strange man to sit next to her in rural India, whether on bus or train… but we are Christians and there are times we have to do things in other ways.

Sunil continued his testimony concerning our conversation on the bus with him. He curiously asked where  we were from, in his very broken English… but still I was able to understand him enough.

Sunil asked if my God can change him. I replied to him with a resounding “yes, Jesus can change you”. Sunil then reminded me that we prayed for him and encouraged him. He then got off the bus …with the note in his pocket. Sunil later got saved (an amazing testimony in its own right) and God reminded him about the lady on the bus (Louise). He started looking for that note but couldn’t find it… as time went on, Sunil’s need to call the lady (Louise) on the bus grew; because she was the one God used to speak life over me. He found the note one day when he cried out to God. Immediately the Holy Spirit led him to the note. That’s when he phoned us…

Today, Sunil attends our church every week. The trip alone to get there takes 2 hours by bus every time. He is very hungry to learn more about Jesus and to grow deeper in his relationship with God. By God’s grace we have the duty to help Sunil realise this desire of growing in God. Isn’t God amazing to count us worthy as sowers in Sunil’s life?

We are called to preach the Gospel and to bring life….whether we see it immediately or not. Our obedience is never in vain, every seed will find its way to the right place at the right time.

Sober and saved.Reunited in His Love!

Be ready to spread the word whether or not the time is right. Point out errors, warn people, and encourage them. Be very patient when you teach.2 Timothy 4;2



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