The Story of Lydia

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The story of Lydia

         It’s almost a year since she got baptized. After baptism, we named her Lydia to break the curse of the Hindu god’s name which was given to her at birth. It is so amazing is to us, that this lady Lydia reflects so much the Lydia of the bible.

        She use to be a very devoted Hindu but Jesus changed everything. She burned and destroyed every hindu god and vessel.Lydia is one of the strongest believers in church. She is a hard working fruit and nut seller. Lydia’s husband left her years ago. She is  providing for her own mother and grandchildren too. She has very good leadership qualities. Always ready to help at Church and directing the other women to do things. Prayerful in all her ways.

         Lydia was diagnosed with diabetes. But she is standing  in faith in Jesus Christ. Recently a thorn pricked her toe and it became infected. Doctor said that Lydia’s leg will have to be amputated under the knee.We refused the doctor’s report. Lydia and the Church prayed. No amputation, the infection and swelling went down. We continue to trust for complete healing, HalleluYah!

        About a week ago we were going around in the village praying at houses. Lydia also came and said she feels tingling and burning sensation with pain on her feet…like fire. She was very uncomfortable. We commanded healing and later she gave testimony about complete healing, HalleluYah Praise God! We were all so blessed and we are so encouraged. Please continue to pray for Lydia as her son and daughter-in-law needs to accept Christ. That night they insisted that we stay for food and the evening was just so beautiful. The air filled with the goodness of the Lord. Another sister came and said she has much pain in her legs. I told Lydia it’s time to take your faith to a new level and lay your hands together with mine on the other sister’s legs, we prayed and commanded healing.

        We pray for God’s guidance to train and equip other believers to become true disciples everywhere. It’s not just pastors or evangelist etc that should be healing people and casting out demons. All believers have the same authority. If believers in our Church with the help of the Holy Spirit, start acting in faith, the village will be transformed faster. We are not able to reach everyone in this village. Imagine if the locals who live there and have daily interaction with all the villagers, would start leading people to Christ; healing people and setting them free. This is one of our goals for this year. To raise people who will do what Jesus did. Church people everywhere need to get to their positions.

        Our believers are all uneducated field workers, shepherds or sellers of fruit etc. Its hard though. They are so tired that they sometimes literally stand;  or sit and sleep. We thought of giving them education, they just don’t have time. The pressure of family responsibilities and work.Working from day-break till sunset in harsh weather conditions and under the oppression of patriarchal hierarchy .Their faces burned, hands and heels hard and cracked. They don’t know luxuries. Our people can not read nor write. They really have a heart to learn but they cant.We are praying that God will make a way so that we can provide them with audio Bibles. Dont everyone deserve to be able to hear from God’s word. Wouldn’t this be just awesome if they can also in their own time or while working listen to the Word of God? Can you imagine what it must be like to not be able to have your Bible. Well we have gifted Bibles to all of them . The Bibles  are just carried to church and back home cause they can’t read. It’s one thing when you have a Bible but do not spend time reading it .It’s another thing if you have a bible but can’t read it. Not that we don’t trust in the supernatural power of God. Faith and works goes together though. How can we help them to grow in the Word-of-God. This is our sword. They need one too. In a country with 300 000 000 gods we need to know the Word of God. I have started an event where I pray to raise money for my birthday (18 February) and the donations for my birthday will then go to fund the audio bibles. Pray about this please…


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2 thoughts on “The Story of Lydia

  • January 20, 2018 at 4:16 pm

    Amen! Thank You Father for the works You are doing among our sisters and brothers in Yashuas Name! I also pray that money Will come in to fund the audio Bibles. Amen!

  • January 20, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Praise God for all good things that he is doing, and miracles and healings through people’s lives.praying that God will indeed make way for more resources so that they can understand and more lives will be impacted. I will help.


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