Granny Rose

Few months ago i had to return to South Africa because of responsibilities.I dont have a house here of my own.So every time i come i need to stay with friends or family.Since moving to India 7 years ago friends and family became distant and every time i come i realized i have lost a few more.So i prayed for God to provide a not so expensive home to rent.God brought me to an area that i have always dread and feared because of what i see and hear on the news.A mini Sodom and Gomorrah.

Alcohol drugs hunger and gangsterism reigns.I hated that God brought me here.I was angry and upset even though the house is the most beautiful and neat in the area.Gunshots every day.At least one dead body every week.I got depress and sick most of the time.People always fighting until the wee hour of the night.
I said:God why didn’t you pick a better area why this place.I refused to act upon my call and decided not to even tell anybody about Jesus.Well thats hard to do if the Holy Spirit is inside of you.Even though i decided to lock myself in daily people quickly found out that i am a believer.Everyday people will come.Whether prayer encouragement help food or health issues.I would do what i can but not very cheerful…cause i had my own trials and sufferings…
One day i walked to the shop and saw an old lady sitting outside her door.I greeted and passed.It happened a few time and every time there was a stirring in my spirit.A voice inside said: Reach out.I quiet the voice every time. One day i started praying against my flesh:Lord open a way to the grandma’s house.Two months went by.By now i wanted to reach out but was scared she will reject me since people here are so full of anger and hate.As i pass again …Boom!The old lady called me.Me?I asked.Yes her reply.Please help me to the shop.I couldn’t believe it.I helped her.From that day Grandma Rose has become a very good friend to me.I love her dearly.Found out she is 86 yrs old widow.No children ,living alone in a gangster tortured area.They tried to break in her house many times, which doesn’t even have fencing many .Ma Rose struggles a lot with no one to help.I told her i  dedicate myself to be of help to her in every way possible.She calls me her God send angel.Granny is a roman catholic.(Three gunshots just went off).
I share the Word with her everyday.I pray everyday when i go to help or deliver something.We talk.She has one desire…Its to go back to her place of birth and be buried there on her late husbands grave.This somehow is difficult.Granny lost connection with her family almost 30 years ago.Me and her pray about this everyday.I searched Facebook back and front.A few names granny vaguely remembers.Its been weeks. Every time its a dead end.Today i invited her for lunch.Granny’s heart is longing for family or like she said :if we cant locate anyone or even if we find someone and they dont want her(made me super sad),she still wants to go back and live in an old age home cause i wont be here always.
I came home heavy hearted after i walked her home.With only two names again that she faguely remembers.God please answer my prayers for granny .Tonight i search again.Guess what?God is amazing.I made connection with family of her.They couldnt believe she is still alive.They also cant believe this great miracle.I can!What joy!.Isnt this what He has called us for?Society Welfare organization churches have not reached out to granny…but God used me to come so far to help an old granny back home.Im so excited.Sometimes we are so concern about our own needs trials struggles etc.We become blind to the needs and struggles of others.Im so glad that Holy Spirit in me always wins.We dont understand why God put us in certain positions sometimes just to realize we are at that place for Gods glory.We are the Light of the world…one life at a time.Continue to pray for me and Granny.For all to fall in place as her family are now busy organizing granny ‘s 11 hours trip back home.I will have to take Granny by bus to Eastern Cape.Jesus loves her.Glory to this super amazing God.To be continued….

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”


Isaiah 1:17
Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the orphan, Plead for the widow.


Today Granny Rose is healthy and blessed at almost 88 years old.She lives in an old age home but seems to be quit happy.It was hard for her to adjust living with family after living alone so many years.So grateful that God granted Granny this opportunity to be save and have the necessary help and care she needs.Thank God for her family that constantly visit her and keeps me updated.

There are many elderly like Granny Rose in the world…We just need to open our hearts …then we will be able to hear and see….God needs you to make a difference in the world…Be Light and Salt.


Job 29:13
And I made the widow’s heart sing for joy.


Colours of Day is all about increasing the Kingdom of Light and pushing back the darkness...,by the great commision through the Holy Spirit.

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