Mission Koya

“In that day you will say:‘Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name;make known among the nations what He has done,and proclaim that His name is exalted”(Isaiah 12:4, NIV)

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Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

The tribal groups of India remain a very important part of our evangelism initiatives at COLOURS OF DAY MINISTRY. The tribal people are very humble; they suffer daily because of their living circumstances– and they do this without complaint. From birth to death the struggle for life is far more distressing than we can imagine in the comfort of our western homes.The tribal groups are often oppressed by government officials who have the folk uprooted from their homes. Satan has a strong grip on these people, his deception is that this is their lot in life, and there is no hope… BUT we have the HOPE of the ages. Jesus Christ is able to set them free and break the chains.

COLOURS OF DAY MINISTRY has been afforded an excellent opportunity to build relationships with these dear people. Many hear the Gospel from us; and already there are dozens who are starting to find their salvation in Jesus Christ.

One particular group we have worked with are the Koya people. Since 2015 it has been a privilege to be sent of God to reach these people.

Here is a little bit about the Koyas.

“The Koya practice their own ethnic religion, but also worship a number of Hindu gods and goddesses. Many Koya deities are female, the most important being something equivalent to western mysticism as “mother earth.” Sacrifices are carried out by the village priests. The Koya do not believe in heaven, hell, or reincarnation. When a person dies, his body is carried on a cot which is covered with grain, liquor, new clothes, money, and a cow’s tail. At the appropriate place, the cot is faced towards the West, and the body is burned. The ashes are placed in a clay pot. The Koya believe that their spirits will either “linger” about the ancestral clay pot, or they patrol the sky over the village, or they wander about the village disturbing daily life.”

Prayer Points

  • Pray that God will give us wisdom in how to deal with the tribal people in a more effective manner than before. Pray for the provision of proper training and guidance to lift these people up.Ask God to give the tribal Christians a burden to share the Good News with their own people – pray for good teamwork in evangelism and discipleship.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of the Khoya towards Christians so that they will be receptive to the Gospel.
  • Ask God to raise up prayer teams who will cover our evangelism team  and pray for the tribal peoples too.

The needs:

  • We want to buy Audio Bibles in their language.
  • We want to take medicines which are a big need as children don’t get essential vaccinations against communicable diseases.
  • We want to take cloth for sewing projects and we want to dig community boreholes.
  • We need laborers and financial resources to help us spread the message of Jesus among the tribal communities – Jesus must be known to all!

Thank you for your kind consideration to uplift ,encourage donate and pray for this mission work and people.
Koya Tribe for Jesus!!!
Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

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Thank you for helping people like me hear the Word of God.We all deserve to hear about this amazing God that can turn idol worshipers hearts towards Him and just to experience true Love.The idols doesn’t have Love for us.Now we have an opportunity to Love!

Know that you are appreciated and loved by us.
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Bunny’s Hope


Louise: “What do you want Bunny?”

Bunny: “I want a bible!”

Louise: “Well we don’t have Bibles now, come in the evening”.

Evening came and we forgot and Bunny forgot. Next week Sunday Bunny was at the door again. I need a Bible. We searched everywhere but realised we ran out of Telugu Bibles completely (Telugu is one of the most common languages in India after Hindi). Not that Bunny can read at this time. He just wants a Bible that he can carry to Church. Yes Bunny doesn’t belong to our fellowship but to another down the road.

So the question is why would Bunny ask us for a Bible why not at his Church? Well that is one of the problems in many Churches. The love, support and care is in short supply. Church for many in India remains a place where Christian rituals are carried out. That is why God has called me to go around and show pastors the right way, the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. If they accept our counsel then things for Bunny could be very different… but as usual we had to turn Bunny away empty handed…

Sorry Bunny we don’t have Bibles. Bunny was disappointed and we let him go. We continue to search in our house and we found one used Bible; but it won’t matter to Bunny that his Bible is a little worn out for wear, as long as he carries a Bible.

So who is this Bunny?

His real name is John Bunyan.(Read who is John Bunyan here) Yes, can you believe it? I prayed for Bunny even before he was born. He grew up before my eyes. Bunny must be almost 5 years old now. His dad died two years ago. So cute… I love this boy. I admire His strength. I see also how he tries to make up for the things he lacks. Like having a dad.

Bunny has a little sister called Neelima (she is just 2 years old). She comes occasionally to ask for some money from us. She was just a few months old when her dad died.

Bunny and Neelima’s father was known as Anil, he was 23 years old when he passed away. It was sad to loose Anil. He never made a commitment to Jesus, rather he said if Jesus heals him he will change his life and even take baptism. Anil never made right because a week after he said this he died.

Lydia the Widow?

Anil’s widow (Bunny and Neelima’s Mother), Lydia is 21 years old. She was left to survive in her mother-in-law’s house with two very small children. Life is terrible for the children. Lydia is often in fits of anger, violence, vulgar and shameless rage. Lydia carries many burdens and hurts in her short life. She is a very beautiful girl.

Lydia like Anil, also has a depressing story; she lost her father just before she lost her husband Anil. Lydia now faces what so many young widows in India face. They are often societies outcasts – rejected by many. Lydia’s inlaws gives her much trouble. All this so they can force her to leave their home. She is seen as part of the family’s misfortune and burdens.

Lydia’s story is the norm in India. Since their son died there is no need for Lydia or her children. They fight with her every week. She fights back and tries to stand her ground as much as she can.

We as her Christian neighbours do our part to assist and protect Lydia. It is very hard to break through such cultural behaviour entrenched in India for centuries. She can’t go back to her parents’ home cause there her blood-brother is in control and in India you just can’t go back home once you are married as a woman.

I remember when Bunny was small, Lydia had struggled with post-natal depression (not that anyone cared to know what her problem is) and she tried to commit suicide. She tried to hang herself in a hut opposite to where Raj and I are situated.

After the failed suicide attempt she tried to go home. Lydia was beaten by her brother very badly, that Lydia had no choice but to return to Anil. This was all the life that Lydia knew… it is constant mistreatment and lack of compassion from husband while he was alive; it was the poor treatment from her in-laws and the constant abuse from her own blood brother when she tries to get to the home where her mother stays.

The reality of life in India – this is Lydia’s Struggle.

Lydia, Bunny and Neelima – this is their story. This is the treatment they receive while living in a country they call their home.

Sadly there is little we can do as a ministry to intervene with Lydia’s in-laws. Interfering in family issues is considered taboo. It is so hard for us, as her Christian neighbours, to watch Lydia’s life spiral out of control… many women in India commit suicide if they find themselves in Lydia’s shoes. The weight of knowing Lydia might take her life is very sobering.  Being a widow makes you a mockery in society. You are hated because of the burden you place on the community. You become a victim wherever you go. There is no help in India for woman like her.

Even Lydia would go to the authorities such as the police to file charges of abuse against those who would mistreat her; the chances are that the police too will harass her because she is considered “bad luck”

Lydia’s struggle has finally drawn her into a life of prostitution. Her children have to be fed and clothed. She must eat too in order to take care of her children. While we have always helped Lydia as much as we can, it is just not enough. It takes a village to raise a child.

Raj and I would love to buy a full month’s basic groceries for her but we cannot. We do our best. It doesn’t help to ask neighbours to stand together in solidarity with Lydia and each contributes to her for a better life.

Hindusim has taught them to take care of yourself only – for Christians with Hindu backgrounds it hard to let go of this stronghold of a belief. Sadly the shallowness of the undiscipled Christians in India, keep Lydia from knowing the full blessing of God’s love.

Lydia is just one of the very few ladies we have met but needs help in a proper manner. Giving a little bit of money for the month is not enough. Lydia needs healing first. So I have been praying for a while now for God to give the proper opportunity so I can call Lydia to my home and just talk to her and love her and direct her. Lydia will also need a good job – it is difficult to find work for an Indian widow. We are going to do our best with Lydia through the power of the Holy Spirit. We ask for your prayers and support to help Lydia so she can put the children both in school; and then she can get a job.

Healing should be holistic – get her life in order, and bring inner healing and deliverance. Love isn’t just Words…but deeds. However by faith, we praise God for taking Lydia to her full purpose. I declare that a wonderful testimony will come from this family and the families of many others in India. We have worked with others like Lydia before and we know what God is able too.

God be glorified

The Story of Sunil

Sunil in 2015.Drunk hopeless depress and suicidal.

In 2015 when my sister friend and co-missionary Suretha, came to work with me in India we went on many outreaches; so many that it is impossible to remember everyone we have met.

About three weeks ago a young man known as Sunil phoned Raj; he said he was looking for a South African sister whose name is “Louise”. (Me and Raj both surprised as Raj translates)Sunil said he met me on a bus in 2015 and that Louise gave him a note with our names, numbers and Church name… and a small sentence which said “Jesus loves you”.

The call from Sunil came was such a surprise to me that it took some time to recall how and when I met him… I really wasn’t sure. At one point I started to remember him when he said me and another sister were together. It can only be Suretha.

The note.

Sunil proceeded to tell me that he got saved and Jesus is now Lord of his life. We are so glad and filled with joy. He said he would like to meet me and thank me for praying for him that day. I was still in shock, but gladly invited him to come and visit our Church as he lives 2 hours away from us. Amazingly, Sunil recently came to visit and I was glad to remember the incident of our meeting. Sunil reminded me how he met us while it was late at night on a bus. He was drunk and  rude. Sunil said “as I got on the bus you made room for me to sit down”. Now this is interesting – normally, a woman should never allow a strange man to sit next to her in rural India, whether on bus or train… but we are Christians and there are times we have to do things in other ways.

Sunil continued his testimony concerning our conversation on the bus with him. He curiously asked where  we were from, in his very broken English… but still I was able to understand him enough.

Sunil asked if my God can change him. I replied to him with a resounding “yes, Jesus can change you”. Sunil then reminded me that we prayed for him and encouraged him. He then got off the bus …with the note in his pocket. Sunil later got saved (an amazing testimony in its own right) and God reminded him about the lady on the bus (Louise). He started looking for that note but couldn’t find it… as time went on, Sunil’s need to call the lady (Louise) on the bus grew; because she was the one God used to speak life over me. He found the note one day when he cried out to God. Immediately the Holy Spirit led him to the note. That’s when he phoned us…

Today, Sunil attends our church every week. The trip alone to get there takes 2 hours by bus every time. He is very hungry to learn more about Jesus and to grow deeper in his relationship with God. By God’s grace we have the duty to help Sunil realise this desire of growing in God. Isn’t God amazing to count us worthy as sowers in Sunil’s life?

We are called to preach the Gospel and to bring life….whether we see it immediately or not. Our obedience is never in vain, every seed will find its way to the right place at the right time.

Sober and saved.Reunited in His Love!

Be ready to spread the word whether or not the time is right. Point out errors, warn people, and encourage them. Be very patient when you teach.2 Timothy 4;2


The Story of Lydia

When love manifests…

The story of Lydia

         It’s almost a year since she got baptized. After baptism, we named her Lydia to break the curse of the Hindu god’s name which was given to her at birth. It is so amazing is to us, that this lady Lydia reflects so much the Lydia of the bible.

        She use to be a very devoted Hindu but Jesus changed everything. She burned and destroyed every hindu god and vessel.Lydia is one of the strongest believers in church. She is a hard working fruit and nut seller. Lydia’s husband left her years ago. She is  providing for her own mother and grandchildren too. She has very good leadership qualities. Always ready to help at Church and directing the other women to do things. Prayerful in all her ways.

         Lydia was diagnosed with diabetes. But she is standing  in faith in Jesus Christ. Recently a thorn pricked her toe and it became infected. Doctor said that Lydia’s leg will have to be amputated under the knee.We refused the doctor’s report. Lydia and the Church prayed. No amputation, the infection and swelling went down. We continue to trust for complete healing, HalleluYah!

        About a week ago we were going around in the village praying at houses. Lydia also came and said she feels tingling and burning sensation with pain on her feet…like fire. She was very uncomfortable. We commanded healing and later she gave testimony about complete healing, HalleluYah Praise God! We were all so blessed and we are so encouraged. Please continue to pray for Lydia as her son and daughter-in-law needs to accept Christ. That night they insisted that we stay for food and the evening was just so beautiful. The air filled with the goodness of the Lord. Another sister came and said she has much pain in her legs. I told Lydia it’s time to take your faith to a new level and lay your hands together with mine on the other sister’s legs, we prayed and commanded healing.

        We pray for God’s guidance to train and equip other believers to become true disciples everywhere. It’s not just pastors or evangelist etc that should be healing people and casting out demons. All believers have the same authority. If believers in our Church with the help of the Holy Spirit, start acting in faith, the village will be transformed faster. We are not able to reach everyone in this village. Imagine if the locals who live there and have daily interaction with all the villagers, would start leading people to Christ; healing people and setting them free. This is one of our goals for this year. To raise people who will do what Jesus did. Church people everywhere need to get to their positions.

        Our believers are all uneducated field workers, shepherds or sellers of fruit etc. Its hard though. They are so tired that they sometimes literally stand;  or sit and sleep. We thought of giving them education, they just don’t have time. The pressure of family responsibilities and work.Working from day-break till sunset in harsh weather conditions and under the oppression of patriarchal hierarchy .Their faces burned, hands and heels hard and cracked. They don’t know luxuries. Our people can not read nor write. They really have a heart to learn but they cant.We are praying that God will make a way so that we can provide them with audio Bibles. Dont everyone deserve to be able to hear from God’s word. Wouldn’t this be just awesome if they can also in their own time or while working listen to the Word of God? Can you imagine what it must be like to not be able to have your Bible. Well we have gifted Bibles to all of them . The Bibles  are just carried to church and back home cause they can’t read. It’s one thing when you have a Bible but do not spend time reading it .It’s another thing if you have a bible but can’t read it. Not that we don’t trust in the supernatural power of God. Faith and works goes together though. How can we help them to grow in the Word-of-God. This is our sword. They need one too. In a country with 300 000 000 gods we need to know the Word of God. I have started an event where I pray to raise money for my birthday (18 February) and the donations for my birthday will then go to fund the audio bibles. Pray about this please…

Granny Rose

Few months ago i had to return to South Africa because of responsibilities.I dont have a house here of my own.So every time i come i need to stay with friends or family.Since moving to India 7 years ago friends and family became distant and every time i come i realized i have lost a few more.So i prayed for God to provide a not so expensive home to rent.God brought me to an area that i have always dread and feared because of what i see and hear on the news.A mini Sodom and Gomorrah.

Alcohol drugs hunger and gangsterism reigns.I hated that God brought me here.I was angry and upset even though the house is the most beautiful and neat in the area.Gunshots every day.At least one dead body every week.I got depress and sick most of the time.People always fighting until the wee hour of the night.
I said:God why didn’t you pick a better area why this place.I refused to act upon my call and decided not to even tell anybody about Jesus.Well thats hard to do if the Holy Spirit is inside of you.Even though i decided to lock myself in daily people quickly found out that i am a believer.Everyday people will come.Whether prayer encouragement help food or health issues.I would do what i can but not very cheerful…cause i had my own trials and sufferings…
One day i walked to the shop and saw an old lady sitting outside her door.I greeted and passed.It happened a few time and every time there was a stirring in my spirit.A voice inside said: Reach out.I quiet the voice every time. One day i started praying against my flesh:Lord open a way to the grandma’s house.Two months went by.By now i wanted to reach out but was scared she will reject me since people here are so full of anger and hate.As i pass again …Boom!The old lady called me.Me?I asked.Yes her reply.Please help me to the shop.I couldn’t believe it.I helped her.From that day Grandma Rose has become a very good friend to me.I love her dearly.Found out she is 86 yrs old widow.No children ,living alone in a gangster tortured area.They tried to break in her house many times, which doesn’t even have fencing many .Ma Rose struggles a lot with no one to help.I told her i  dedicate myself to be of help to her in every way possible.She calls me her God send angel.Granny is a roman catholic.(Three gunshots just went off).
I share the Word with her everyday.I pray everyday when i go to help or deliver something.We talk.She has one desire…Its to go back to her place of birth and be buried there on her late husbands grave.This somehow is difficult.Granny lost connection with her family almost 30 years ago.Me and her pray about this everyday.I searched Facebook back and front.A few names granny vaguely remembers.Its been weeks. Every time its a dead end.Today i invited her for lunch.Granny’s heart is longing for family or like she said :if we cant locate anyone or even if we find someone and they dont want her(made me super sad),she still wants to go back and live in an old age home cause i wont be here always.
I came home heavy hearted after i walked her home.With only two names again that she faguely remembers.God please answer my prayers for granny .Tonight i search again.Guess what?God is amazing.I made connection with family of her.They couldnt believe she is still alive.They also cant believe this great miracle.I can!What joy!.Isnt this what He has called us for?Society Welfare organization churches have not reached out to granny…but God used me to come so far to help an old granny back home.Im so excited.Sometimes we are so concern about our own needs trials struggles etc.We become blind to the needs and struggles of others.Im so glad that Holy Spirit in me always wins.We dont understand why God put us in certain positions sometimes just to realize we are at that place for Gods glory.We are the Light of the world…one life at a time.Continue to pray for me and Granny.For all to fall in place as her family are now busy organizing granny ‘s 11 hours trip back home.I will have to take Granny by bus to Eastern Cape.Jesus loves her.Glory to this super amazing God.To be continued….

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”


Isaiah 1:17
Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the orphan, Plead for the widow.


Today Granny Rose is healthy and blessed at almost 88 years old.She lives in an old age home but seems to be quit happy.It was hard for her to adjust living with family after living alone so many years.So grateful that God granted Granny this opportunity to be save and have the necessary help and care she needs.Thank God for her family that constantly visit her and keeps me updated.

There are many elderly like Granny Rose in the world…We just need to open our hearts …then we will be able to hear and see….God needs you to make a difference in the world…Be Light and Salt.


Job 29:13
And I made the widow’s heart sing for joy.

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